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How to Read Manga Online Anywhere on Android and iOS

Manga is part of Anime culture. Many believe that if you enjoy anime, then you must be liking Manga as well. There is a very strong reason to believe as well. Manga is just a visual form of Manga; many anime series are even inspired or direct version of Manga. There used to be a time when Anime and Manga were only popular in Japan. But thanks to globalization, it is now easier than ever to watch a full-length anime series or read complete manga series from any part of the world.

Traditionally Mangas were only available through their dedicated books much like Comic books in the USA. But now thanks to the rapid growth in technology you can read Manga without carrying any Manga book with you. You can do that by using your smartphone.

how to read manga online on Android and iOS

In this article, we shall explore all the ways to read manga off of your phone – be Android or iOS – without any effort.

How to Read Manga Online Anywhere on Android and iOS

There are many services both legal and illegal. I am a law-abiding citizen, and you should be too. I will only share legal ways and apps to read Manga online.


Crunchyroll is among the top anime distributor for most of the world. Even though Crunchyroll is mainly known for Anime collection, you will be pleased to know that Crunchyroll has one of the largest Manga collections as well.

You can access to a limited number of Manga collection as a free subscriber, but however, if you subscribe to their monthly plan, you can access the whole collection of Manga online. That subscription also comes with thousands of Anime as well. Crunchyroll has apps for both Android and iOS so that you can enjoy an anime show or read a manga anytime and anywhere you like.

Manga Box

Manga Box is a Manga only platform operate out of Japan. This site is among the top player when it comes to online manga distribution. You what is the best feature of Mangabox? Well, it is free. Yes completely free! You can access to huge database of beautiful Manga series for free from anywhere in the world. Manga Box is available for web users at and smartphone users, they have apps for both Android and iOS.

Yen Press

Yen Press is also a known name for most anime/manga fans. You can find pretty much any Manga book here. Yen Pass works a little differently. It doesn’t host any Manga book itself. Rather it sells on digital platforms like Kindle, Google Play, iBook, Kobo and other digital eBook readers. You can buy a single book, or you can buy a couple of books in bulk to get a good discount.

The only problem I had with this app is that this service is very Noth-America centric. If you live in those regions than you are lucky. For others like me who live in other parts of the world, the collection is very limited. It is not a deal breaker, but I thought I should mention.

These are 3 most useful ways to read Mangas online on Android and iOS phones. Do you use services from any of the above-mentioned providers? I will love to know your results.