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How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Social media gives us the medium to be able to connect with friends and family over the internet. You can talk in private, or you can also share images and status which all of your online followers can see and react. Currently, Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram are two major social network platforms with millions of daily active users. Facebook is still the number platform for people to socialize; Instagram is not far behind. Many people are slowly moving towards Instagram. Instagram offers a lot of features, and one of them is just to take a break from the platform. If you want to take a break from Instagram and hide all of your online activity for a limited period then, you can temporarily block your Instagram profile.

temporarily disable Instagram account

Temporarily disabling Instagram allows you to hide your profile, photos, your comments, messages, and likes for as long as you want. And when you decide to come back to the platform, you can simply enable your account to start from where you left. Many people would argue that of you want to get off the platform then you can simply delete the account. But I disagree. Deleting your account is permanent and if you want to come back to the platform, then you will have to start all over again whereas disabling give you the flexibility to come back to Instagram whenever you feel like without having to start all over again.

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How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Many of us use Instagram on the mobile app for Android and iOS, but unfortunately, Instagram decided to omit the temporarily disable feature from the app. I don’t understand why Instagram did that, was it intentional or was there any technical difficulties? I don’t know for sure. Anyway since there is no option for a temporary block on the Instagram app, we need to use the browser.

Open your favorite browser; it can be Chrome if you are on Android or Safari if you are on iPhone/iPad.

Type in the address bar or you can click on this link directly. (If you don’t want to click the click, then you can go to your Instagram profile from browser and then click on the ‘Edit Profile.’)

Log in to your Instagram account if you are not already.

Edit Profile INstagram

Once you are in the ‘Edit Profile‘ menu, scroll down until you see “Temporarily disable my account.

Select disable reason

Clicking on the option will bring a new pop-up where you have to select a reason as to why you want to disable your account.

Temporarily Disable account Instagram

Once you select an appropriate reason, you need to enter your Instagram password again and click on the ‘Temporarily Disable Account‘ button.

Now your account has been temporarily disabled. Now no one can find your profile or your photos on Instagram anymore until your re-enable your account.

To re-enable your account, you need to log in back to your account, and it should be enabled again.

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How to Use Instagram Stories Close Friends Feature

Instagram Stories

Instagram has become one of the top social media platforms for millions of people to share photos and videos with their followers, friends, and family. Now you will be able to create a profile on Instagram and share your photos and videos with everyone who is following you on the platform. While this Facebook-owned platform offers many features but one feature that is more popular is its stories.

What is Instagram Stories?

The Instagram story is a place where you can share photos, add polls, share videos and many other with your followers. But the catch is that it is only visible for 24 hours. Once 24 hours passes the post vanishes, and no one can see that again. The Instagram story is highly influenced by the Snapchat story, and now most people use Instagram story feature that they do Snapchat story. Most Instagram users us this feature to share their daily life with their followers.

What is Instagram Story Close Friends Feature?

So recently Instagram launched close friends feature for stories. Up until now whatever you share on your IG stories could be seen by everyone who is following you. Also, people could see your story without even following you. This close friends feature aims to solve that. There are posts or update that you only wish to share with your close friends and there was no option to do earlier. But now you can create a close friend category and select to share your stories with those people only and others won’t even notice.

How to Use Instagram Stories Close Friends Feature

Despite how complicated this feature might sound to you, this feature is in reality very simple. This feature has two part, one is to create your close friend’s group and the 2nd, and the final part is to share stories with those friends only.

How to Create a Close Friends Group on Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.
  • On the top left screen, you can see your Instagram username.
  • Tap on the username.
  • Now you shall see two options, one tells you about the number of followers you have, and the other one reads ‘Close Friends.’
  • Tap on the Close Friends option, and you will be asked to mark people who you want to add as your close friend.

How to Share Stories With Close Friends Only:

So now that you have created your close friend’s group, now it is time to share your stories with those chosen friends only.

  • First, create your story using the same methods that you used to previously.
  • Once your status is ready, hit on the ‘Send To’ button.
  • Here you will be asked where you’d like to share your story, instead of selecting ‘Your story’ like you would normally do, select ‘Close Friends.’
  • The story will then only be shared with your close friends.

Still not convinced? Here is a video that explains the same.

So, this was the simple guide to create and share Instagram stories with your close friends only. This feature is still rolling out globally. If you don’t see this feature, then update your app or wait for few more days.