Cult & Classic International Size Guide

US 0-2 2-4 4-6 8 10
ITALY 38 40 42 44 46
FRANCE 34 36 38 40 42
JEANS 24-25 26-27 27-28 29-30 31-32


ITALY 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40
US 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5


Culture - Cult v Classic Travel

With the hottest day on record, the Great British summer is now in full swing, hoorah! We’ve been nutri-bulleting since January and are ready for summer in all its glory. But we can’t complete our holiday wardrobe until we decide whether we are going Cult or Classic this summer. Here’s our guide to Cult vs Classic when it comes to vacations.

 Cult Ibiza

Arguably no destination is more Cult than party island Ibiza.  Luxury resort Ushuaia Beach Club is the iconic place to stay and the only way to party is to reserve a VIP box giving you incredible views across the club. Party with top DJ’s by night and chill out where the super yachts are anchored at the Ushuaia beach club by day.


Ushuaia-ibiza-Guetta[image -]

Classic Lake Como

If the pursuit of hedonism doesn’t float your boat we advise Lake Como. Where Churchill sought peace, a favourite of George Clooney and the old Hollywood glitterati. Lake Como’s Villa Lario with its picture perfect beauty is the place for five star down time. Tailor make your holiday with Italian cooking classes, private boat tours and cocktails at the Belvedere lounge. Sail away on the lakes peaceful waters with a good read. ‘A Room with a View’ by E.M. Forster set in Florence and the English Countryside will immerse you deeper into your Italian escape and make coming home all the more enchanting.


villa-lario-lake-como[image -]

What to Wear?

Check out our stylist section for Cult vs Classic holiday wardrobe.


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Don’t forget to use protection!
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The sun ripened tomato look will never be on trend whether you are cult or classic. We recommend Lancaster Sun Beauty Oil-Free Milky Spray SPF30