Best Places to Watch Anime Legally in the USA

The USA is one of the growing anime markets after Japan. Despite all this craze on Anime, there is still no good method to access anime series, especially those which are currently airing in Japan. Many people rely on illegally pirated platforms to get access to the latest and popular anime series. Despite what others believe, there are still few platforms for anime where you can watch anime legally. They also publish the latest anime as soon as possible. If you are currently using pirated platforms, then you should start using legal sites because you don’t want to get into trouble because you wanted to watch the latest episode of Naruto before any of your friends did.

Watch anime legally in the USA

Watch anime Legally in the USA

If you are from the USA and wants to watch anime legally, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we shall all the legal platforms for watching anime.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is currently the king of legal anime streaming. It is also the biggest online platform in the USA. It is streaming hundreds and thousands of anime for free. You can also create an account to keep track of your watching history. And if you want to access the even bigger database, then you need to choose a paid subscription which is not that expensive.

Crunchyroll also lets you read manga online for free. Crunchyroll should be your one-stop destination for anything anime. You can watch anime, participate in anime conversation on their forum, read manga online, and buy anime souvenir all from one platform.

2. Netflix


Netflix is also in a hurry to capture the anime market by adding more and more anime series and movies to its library. In today’s Netflix you can find a huge variety of anime and anime movies that are available for watching for any Netflix subscriber in the USA. Netflix also added a new Anime section for easier navigation. Almost all anime comes with both English subtitle and English dubbed variant. While Netflix is working round to clock to add more and more anime series to the platform, it still has to add more to satisfy the hunger of anime fans.

Who is Netflix for? There is no doubt that Netflix lacks some popular anime series, but if you consider all the shows, series and movies you are getting with Netflix is balances it. If you are only thinking of subscribing Netflix for Anime, then don’t. If you watch other Netflix series and movies, then it is good.

Don’t know what to watch with your new Netflix subscription? You can start watching by checking out some of my most favorite romantic anime series.

3. Funimation


Funimation is also a big name in the online anime business. It is a direct competitor of Crunchyroll. You can access both free and paid anime on this platform. The library of Anime series is also as compared to Crunchyroll and Netflix. Funimation is great, but it also lacks in user experience. For a starter, it is awfully painful to distinguish free anime and paid anime. You will have to play an anime to see if it is available for free users or not. It is both tiring and time-consuming. The app for Android and iOS is also far from perfect and also if you are a free user you can not access anime from their app.

With all this in mind, only if you are a paid subscriber, then Funimation is worth your time. But if you are planning to use as a free subscriber, then you are better off with Crunchyroll.

With these 3 anime platforms you can watch anime legally in the USA. If you are still using those pirates networks then it is high time for you to move to the paid/legal anime platform.

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